More iSpace presentations: 2 defenses + 1 conference talk

Last year Daniel & Lonnie suc­cess­fully defended their MSc thesis, con­grat­u­la­tions! Here are the videos of their thesis pre­sen­ta­tions, enjoy (and thanks Daniel for the video editing)!

YouTube Preview Image

Lonnie B. Hastings (2013, December). The Influence of Shading, Display Size and Individual Differences on Navigation Performance in Virtual Reality in an Applied Industry Setting (MSc Thesis). Simon Fraser University, Surrey, BC, Canada. Retrieved from


YouTube Preview Image

Daniel Feuereissen. (2013, August). Self-motion illu­sions (vec­tion) in Virtual Environments: Do active con­trol and user– gen­er­ated motion cueing enhance visu­ally induced vec­tion? (MSc Thesis). Simon Fraser University, Surrey, BC, Canada. Retrieved from


Here’s a simple video of the talk I had the honour to give at the 2013  Psychonomics Conference in beau­ti­ful Toronto, Canada for those who couldn’t make it.

YouTube Preview Image

Riecke, B. E., & Sigurdarson, S. (2013). Simple Modifications of Visuals can Enhance Spatial Orientation Ability in Virtual Environments, Whereas Adding Physical Rotations May Not. Talk pre­sented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society (Psychonomics), Toronto, Canada.  (

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