Bernhard Riecke presenting at Psychonomics in Granada, Spain

Here’s a video of my pre­sen­ta­tion at the 2016 International Psychonomics Conference in Granada about an online spa­tial ori­en­ta­tion study and the rather unex­pected response pat­terns that we observed — and how we might be able to make sense of them.

You can find more infos about this project at this page

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the ref­er­ence for the talk:
Riecke, B. E., Stepanova, E. R., & Kitson, A. 2016. New response pat­terns in point-to-origin tasks depend­ing on stim­u­lus type and response mode. Talk pre­sented at the International Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Granada, Spain.

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