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Autoethnographic Close Reading of Self-transcendent VR Experiences

Sipping the Virtual Elixir: An autoethno­graphic close read­ing of Ayahuasca Kosmik Journey a self-transcendent vir­tual expe­ri­ence. Recently self-transcendent experiences are gaining interest in the research community because of their ability to support wellbeing. Experiences of self-transcendence can be transformative, leading to a diminishment of self/ego and the feeling of unity with n...

Lucid Loop: A Virtual Deep Learning Biofeedback System for Lucid Dreaming Practice

Can VR and neurofeedback deep learning art help enhance attention and lucid dreaming practice? Lucid dreaming, knowing one is dreaming while dreaming, is an important tool for exploring consciousness and bringing awareness to different aspects of life. We created a system called Lucid Loop: a virtual reality experience where one can practice lucid awareness via neurofeedback. Visuals are creativ...


Kitson, A. J., Muntean, R., DiPaola, S., & Riecke, B. E. (2022). Lucid Loop: Exploring the Parallels between Immersive Experiences and Lucid Dreaming. DIS ’22 Proceedings of the 2022 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (ACM DIS ’22), 1–16.
Kitson, A., Muntean, R., DiPaola, S., & Riecke, B. E. (2023). Exploring Introspection with Lucid Loop: A Neurofeedback-Augmented Immersive Experience. 26th Annual CyberPsychology, CyberTherapy & Social Networking Conference (CYPSY26), 1.

About alex-kitson

Alex joined the iSpace Lab in January 2013 as an intern, while simultaneously completing her undergraduate degree in Cognitive Systems at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests involve using an interdisciplinary approach to understand human perception and behaviour. In particular, employing technology as a medium to explore the human psyche, create better human-computer interfaces, and provide meaningful applications.