Bernhard presenting at Spatial Cognition Conf. in Bavaria

At this year’s spa­tial cog­ni­tion con­fer­ence in Kloster Seeon in Bavaria, Germany, Bernhard co-organized a work­shop on “VR in Spatial Cognition Research” with Klaus Gramann. 

He also also pre­sented a paper on “Why the heck do we have not clue where we are in VR?” — below is the video of it. (after 10min the camera died, so you’ll have to look at the paper for final con­clu­sions, here’s the ref­er­ence, offi­cial paper title & link:

Riecke, B. E. (2012). Are Left-Right Hemisphere Errors in Point-to-Origin Tasks in VR Caused by Failure to Incorporate Heading Changes? In C. Stachniss, K. Schill, & D. Uttal (Eds.), Spatial Cognition 2012 (Vol. 7463, pp. 143–162). Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. (Download)

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