Just starting our latest project: Virtual Earthgazing - towards an overview effect in Virtual Reality

The “overview effect” is an aware­ness shift expe­ri­enced by astro­nauts when they see the Earth from space and real­ize how frag­ile it is. This is described as a pro­found effect lead­ing to more con­scious and caring view on our planet. Could we use immer­sive Virtual Reality (and some other tricks) to give people a glimpse of this expe­ri­ence with­out having to spend all the money and fossil fuel to send rock­ets out into space? We’ll post more infos about this project on our Virtual EarthGazing project page soon. Feel free to con­tact us if you’re inter­ested in collaborating. 

here’s a nice overview video of the over­all topic (thanks to the plan­e­tary collective)

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