honourable mention for our ACM SUI conference paper

Our con­fer­ence paper at SUI 2016 just received an hon­ourable men­tion at the ACM SUI con­fer­ence in Tokyo, con­grat­u­la­tions to all!

Using a custom-designed foot hap­tics system and eval­u­at­ing it in a multi-part study, we show that adding walk­ing related audi­tory cues (foot­step sounds), visual cues (sim­u­lat­ing bob­bing head-motions from walk­ing), and vibro­tac­tile cues (via vibro­tac­tile trans­duc­ers andbass-shakers under par­tic­i­pants’ feet) could all enhance par­tic­i­pants’ sen­sa­tion of self-motion (vec­tion) and involvement/presence. Compared to seated joy­stick https://www.viagrageneric.org/ con­trol, stand­ing lean­ing enhanced self-motion sensations.honourablemention SUI 2016


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