Virtual Transcendent Dream


Flying dreams have the poten­tial to evoke a feel­ing of empow­er­ment and self-transcendent emo­tions (STEs). However, these excep­tional dream­ing expe­ri­ences remain infre­quent. Since Virtual real­ity (VR) also has the poten­tial to sup­port pro­found emo­tional expe­ri­ences, we are inter­ested in inves­ti­gat­ing if a dream-inspired VR flying expe­ri­ence could make the ben­e­fits of a flying dream more acces­si­ble. Furthermore, since dream-flying is glob­ally sim­i­lar to the waking-state phe­nom­e­non of vec­tion (illu­sion of self-motion), we are inter­ested in inves­ti­gat­ing if a more embod­ied VR flying inter­face that pro­vides more embod­ied self-motion cues could lead to stronger emo­tions of empow­er­ment and STEs.


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