Embodied & Intuitive Flying for VR, Gaming, and TeleOperation


Flying has been a dream for mankind for mil­lenia — but flying inter­faces for VR, gaming, and tele­op­er­a­tion (e.g., drones) typ­i­cally rely on cum­ber­some double-joystick/gamepads and do not allow for intu­itive and embod­ied flying expe­ri­ences. Here, we develop low-cost embod­ied flying inter­faces that adapt leaning-based motion cueing par­a­digms thus free­ing up hands for addi­tional tasks beyond just navigating.

Details coming soon (once the first stud­ies are pub­lished), but first stud­ies indi­cate that our more embod­ied par­a­digms out­per­form tra­di­tional con­troller in both ease-of-use and per­for­mance, while reduc­ing motion sickness.

YouTube Preview Image