Reality — Reimagined

Synedelica Smile Sequence

Synedelica reimag­ines what is pos­si­ble with immer­sive tech­nol­ogy, pro­vid­ing a new per­spec­tive on real­ity. In this synes­thetic mixed real­ity expe­ri­ence, visu­als of the real world are mod­u­lated by sound, attun­ing imm­er­sants to the beauty hidden in the seem­ingly mun­dane. Synedelica shows the world in a new light, rekin­dling child­like wonder and encour­ag­ing exploration.

Synedelica Poster


Desnoyers-Stewart, J., Miller, N., Pennefather, P., & Riecke, B. E. (2022, October 1). Synedelica [Curated Virtual Reality Exhibition]. V-Unframed, Center for Digital Media (CDM), Vancouver, BC, Canada.