Ernst Kruijff






Faculty of Computer Science & Institute for Visual Computing, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany



Embodied & Intuitive Flying for VR, Gaming, and TeleOperation

Flying has been a dream for mankind for millenia - but flying interfaces for VR, gaming, and teleoperation (e.g., drones) typically rely on cumbersome double-joystick/gamepads and do not allow for intuitive and embodied flying experiences. Here, we develop low-cost embodied flying interfaces that adapt leaning-based motion cueing paradigms thus freeing up hands for additional tasks beyond just na...

NaviBoard: Efficiently Navigating Virtual Environments

Here we propose a novel and cost-effective setup of a leaning-based interface that allows people to efficiently navigate virtual environments, NaviBoard Abstract Walking has always been the most common locomotion mode for humans in the real world. As a result, it has also been considered as the gold standard in a large body of Virtual Reality research involving navigation. Physical walking provid...

3D User Interfaces Course

Siggraph 2018: 3D User Interfaces for Virtual Reality and Games: 3D Selection, Manipulation, and Spatial Navigation 3-hour Course Presented at Siggraph 2018 In this course, we will take a detailed look at different topics in the field of 3D user interfaces (3DUIs) for Virtual Reality and Gaming. With the advent of Augmented and Virtual Reality in numerous application areas, the need and interest...

Navigation Interface Tutorial

Navigation Interfaces for Virtual Reality and Gaming: Theory and Practice First version held at IEEE VR 2017, Sunday, March 19, 1:30pm - 5:00pm, updated variants of the tutorial will be presented at ACM Chi 2018 (slides) and IEEE VR 2018. At The Spatial Cognition 2018 conference we will present a new tutorial on Spatial Navigation Interfaces for Immersive Environments focusing more on the...

Lean and Elegant Motion Cueing in VR

How do we best design locomotion interfaces for VR that provide "enough" physical motion cues (vestibular/proprioceptive) while still being effective, affordable, compact, and safe? Despite amazing progress in computer graphics and VR displays, most affordable and room-sized VR locomotion interfaces provide only little physical motion cues (e.g., vestibular & proprioceptive cues). To provide...


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