Rose Rouhani



MSc Student


rose_rouhani at sfu dot ca



Rose joined the iSpace lab in Spring 2022 as a MSc stu­dent. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Amirkabir University of Technology. Her aca­d­e­mic jour­ney is marked by a deep inter­est in the inter­sec­tion of tech­nol­ogy and human expe­ri­ence, par­tic­u­larly within the realm of VR. Her research focuses on an explo­ration of VR sick­ness — a form of tra­di­tional motion sick­ness expe­ri­enced in VR tech­nolo­gies. She is driven to under­stand and alle­vi­ate the chal­lenges encoun­tered by users in VR, to iden­tify fac­tors that cause dis­com­fort and VR sick­ness in immer­sive envi­ron­ments, thereby enhanc­ing the user expe­ri­ence and com­fort during these expe­ri­ences and expand­ing the poten­tial appli­ca­tions of VR tech­nol­ogy in dif­fer­ent fields.




Novel Cybersickness Measures and Countermeasures BoF

Novel Cybersickness Measures and Countermeasures:  Birds of a Feather session at SIGGRAPH 2022   Interested in connecting & joining? If you're interested in connecting to others engaged or interested in the Novel Cybersickness Measures and Countermeasures, you could join our online interactive Birds of a Feather session at Siggraph 2022, on Fri Aug 05, 10 am-11:30 am Log in through h...


Riecke, B. E., Steinicke, F., & Rouhani, R. (2022). Novel Cybersickness Measures and Countermeasures. ACM Siggraph Birds of a Feather, 1.