Pinyao Liu



MSc Student


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Pinyao became a research intern at the iSPACE lab in July 2019 and started his Masters in Fall 2020. He has a back­ground in Engineering and is always fas­ci­nated by the inter­sec­tion of design and emerg­ing tech­nol­ogy. His cur­rent research inter­ests involve inter­ac­tion design in XR and employ­ing tech­nol­ogy as a medium to create mean­ing­ful experiences.


Breath of Light

One must first come to know, through observing oneself — just what one does with breathing. - Elsa Gindler Breath of light is a generative interactive installation, exhibited at the 13th Shanghai Biennale. The installation aims to foster a feeling of connection and awareness through the process of breathing synchronization. Each of the two participants generates their own light with their breat...

Connected through "AWE": creating immersive experiences for social connection

Do you get enough “awe” in your life? In our busy day-to-day lives, we often take our experiences for granted. While we have the technology to connect with one another, like smart phones, we don’t necessarily get outside with nature, or stargaze. Such activities may consist of common awe-inspiring moments, and we now understand that feeling awe is associated with all sorts of social and well...


Liu, P. (2021, March). Breath of Light [Curated Interactive Art Exhibition]. 13th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai, China.