Kenneth Karthik



MSc Student


kenneth_karthik at



Kenneth joined the iSpace lab in Fall 2021 as a Masters stu­dent. He has a back­ground in com­puter engi­neer­ing and [more details coming soon]


HyperJump flying to combat motion sickness

HyperJumping in Virtual Vancouver: Combating Motion Sickness by Merging Teleporting and Continuous VR Locomotion in an Embodied Hands-Free VR Flying Paradigm Motion sickness, unintuitive navigation, and limited agency are critical issues in VR/XR impeding wide-spread adoption and enjoyable user experiences. To tackle these challenges, we present HyperJump, a novel VR interface merging advantages ...

Integrating Continuous and Teleporting VR Locomotion into a Seamless "HyperJump" Paradigm

Here we propose a hybrid interface that allows user to seamlessly transition between a slow 'continuous' mode and a fast 'hyperjump' mode. The interface aims to maintain the immersion, presence, accuracy and spatial updating of continuous locomotion while adding the travel efficiency and minimizing the cybersickness. Continuous locomotion in VR provides uninterrupted optical flow, which mimics re...


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