Open Access Book chapter published

Riecke, B. E. (2010). Compelling Self-Motion Through Virtual Environments Without Actual Self-Motion – Using Self-Motion Illusions (“Vection”) to Improve User Experience in VR. In Virtual Reality (pp. 161 — 188). InTech: Available here

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SIAT Showcase: iSpace Multi-modal Virtual Reality Simulator & Sympathetic Guitar

Our new iSpace multi-modal VR sim­u­la­tor was first pub­licly demon­strated at the SIAT show­case on 5. Feb 2011, together with the Sympathetic Guitar project by Jay Vidyarthi which pro­vides the live accom­pa­ni­ment for the video below that we shot we shot after the offi­cial part was over we started play­ing with our new setup.

This was the first public demo of new iSpace (Riecke) Lab Virtual Reality Simulator at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), Simon Fraser University, Canada, as pre­sented at the SIAT show­case on February 5, 2011. See for details or con­tact me at…

The goal of the iSpace VR sim­u­la­tor is to pro­vide a flex­i­ble research appa­ra­tus to study human spa­tial per­cep­tion, cog­ni­tion, and behav­iour in repro­ducible, clearly defined and con­trol­lable exper­i­men­tal con­di­tions. We are using Virtual Reality to pro­vide a multi-modal, fairly nat­u­ral­is­tic and immer­sive stim­uli in a closed action-perception loop.

The Sympathetic Guitar walks the line between art and sci­ence, being both a man­i­fes­ta­tion of its creator’s cul­tural lin­eage and the sub­ject of an exper­i­ment on social inter­ac­tions with tech­nol­ogy. The guitarist’s hand posi­tion and per­for­mance dynam­ics are used to mod­u­late a deep dig­i­tal sitar drone as real-time accom­pa­ni­ment. The project rep­re­sents an explo­ration of whether a human-computer inter­face can be designed specif­i­cally to gen­er­ate an engag­ing socially-immersive rela­tion­ship with its user. See for details.


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FCAT Professors Speak About Their Research & Teaching

In a series of videos cre­ated by Simon Fraser University’s Teaching and Learning Centre, eigh­teen Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) pro­fes­sors talk about the focus of their research, their cur­rent projects, and what excites them about teach­ing. The videos show­case the broad spec­trum of excit­ing research uniquely found in this one new Faculty. The pro­fes­sors share thought-provoking and con­tem­po­rary ideas that per­vade FCAT, demon­strat­ing the cre­ative mix of pro­grams that both chal­lenge and com­ple­ment one another, spawn­ing new and inter­est­ing dis­cov­er­ies amongst stu­dents and faculty.

Prof. Bernhard Riecke on his research inter­ests and vision:

Playlist: Click here to watch all the videos

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Grand Opening of the new iSpace Website

Well, it’s actu­ally still under con­struc­tion, but we decided to put it online so we can start using it… 

Apologies for tech­ni­cal or con­tent errors…

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