IAT 201: Human-Computer Interaction & Cognition

(taught 2008 — Fall 2012)

Course map and other information

Sample final project videos from previous course offerings

Many pre­vi­ous course project videos are avail­able at here or directly on youtube or vimeo. Below are some recent sample videos

(SFU Enrollment System; thanks: team 402, Fall 2012)

IAT 201 — SFU ENROLLMENT SYSTEM from Bruce Lui on Vimeo.

(Treadmill Redesign; thanks: team 403, Fall 2012)

Treadmil, Flexdeck Shock Absorption System (Life Fitness 95Ti) Redesign from Adam Lin on Vimeo.


(Cineplex Self-Ticketing Machine ReDesign; thanks: team 205, Spring 2012):

YouTube Preview Image


(Sony Reader; thanks: team 102, Spring 2012):

IAT 201 Final Video (Sony Reader) from aaron|lalau on Vimeo.

(Minitab redesign; thanks: team 205, Fall 2011):

[IAT201] Miniclip Redesign from Kim on Vimeo.


Roland dig­i­tal sam­pler re-design: (thanks: team 803, Spring 2011!)


iTunes re-design: Thanks: Team 605, Spring 2011!


here’s an older project video (before we started includ­ing the final user study results). Thanks: team thun­der­punch, fall 2009!)